Franco Bonetti, class 1967, is what we generally refer to as a true “craftsman”.
His formation starts in 1990 within the industrial mechanics sector, but he soon decides to follow a different path and search for something more satisfactory and creative.
His first approach to the subject immediately stimulates young Franco’s imagination and enthusiasm for this kind of craftsmanship, and he soon feels ready to experiment with the first forgings, also encouraged by an old blacksmith who teaches him how to build a forge and mould his first “curls”.
His careful eye to whatever surrounds him and the on-site surveys combined to his overwhelming desire to learn make him accept challenging projects in the attempt to go beyond his own limits.
In 2001 he moves to the new seat, extending his activity and partnering up with valid collaborators who share his motivation. It is during this period that was born the idea of a project combining architects’ and designers’ inspiration to his experience and creative skills. Franco dedicates all his free time to set up a showroom with adjoining warehouse and entirely made of iron, steel and glass: a showcase free of filters or excessive decorations where he could display his creations. Franco also offers this space to a few creative artists who, spurred by such a perfect setting, would give free play to their ideas.
Officine del Ferro’s motto clearly expresses its founder’s personality: “my job is to shape ideas”.



All items produced by Officine del Ferro are entirely designed and created in Italy.
The selected architects, stylists and craftsmen, who actually manufacture the projects, aim at representing the Italian modern design state of the art, offering projects with a top quality profile. The exclusive handcrafted production and the limited number of copies offered make each product unique of its kind, a true collection object.
Officine del Ferro, was born from an idea of Franco Bonetti and from the passion for design and the top professional quality of an interdisciplinary workgroup, who takes care of the planning, manufacturing and marketing of products entirely conceived and realized in Italy.
The ethics of beauty and not just aesthetics as an end in itself is the philosophy based on which Officine del Ferro maintains the high levels of quality standards which have always characterized the “Made in Italy” craftsmanship.
Every single project is made on demand, thus identifying each of them as part of an exclusive collection and preventing the stocking of common mass-produced items.



Within the framework of total industrialisation of the sector, not always ensuring quality and care for details Officine del Ferro by Bonetti Franco has taken up the challenge to introduce on the market thoroughly handmade items, rediscovering the pleasure of a manual ability that takes its origins from the past of handcrafting traditions, sometime reinterpreted through the advanced technology of today.
Following a long lasting collaboration with several architects and designers without renouncing his own personal touch, Franco Bonetti decided to establish Officine del Ferro, a collective group of professional artists with one single aim in mind: to realise perfect iron objects produced in line style and originality as well as artistic expression and craftsmanship.
Top class products entirely made in Italy and designed on demand based on each client’s desires in a state-of-the-art alchemy of technique, design and painstaking care combining past, present and future.
A brand which was born from strong passion, shared dedication and love for iron: a raw material, but able at the same time to prove a nobility unique of its kind in a constant research for new shapes.

officine del ferro